Be the person you want to be

There are nice people in Saint-Martin. Nice people in Dubai. And in England there are nice people too. Also in Germany. People from all over the world who happen to meet one day in a specific place. And then, a person from Sweden decides that they will become friends. Someone who one day tells us why those people are nice:

The people I have met here are special, I am certain we have become friends for life“.


Linnea has just ended her fourth year of our Veterinary degree. We have interviewed her just before a holiday break, which she will spend working in a clinic in her home country. She has also spent the last summer holidays gaining some professional experience in the same clinic: “Since I started working with them I’ve always felt very welcomed… I hope they will offer me a job once I graduate!“.

You say there is no tradition in your family but ever since you were a little girl you wanted to become a veterinarian, did you watch Doc McStuffins as a kid?

I have always liked helping others, although I know this might sound a bit typical. When I was a child, I used to play with stuffed animals and dolls. I took care of them, fixing their loose arms or legs with whatever I had at hand! I also remember being very insistent with having a dog. And believe or not, it took me 14 years to achieve my goal… Today I have my dog here with me in Valencia!

“the opportunity to do practicals from day one is something ceu makes available to vet students”

You arrived here without knowing anyone, how do you remember those first moments?

I thought it was going to be much more difficult. It is true that I come from far away, that at that time I didn’t know anyone, that all the things happening in those first weeks were absolutely new to me. But I kept in mind that it was the first step to fulfilling my dream, which was and still is to be a veterinarian. For me it was an adventure that has gone quite well. Today I can only say that taking that risk has been a good experience.


If you had to encourage a teenager to follow your steps and study in a different country, what would you say to him/her?


I would tell them that it is much easier than it seems at first. Especially if you never lose sight of the fact that an experience like this helps you be the person you want to be. Out of all the possible ones, you become exactly the one that you decide to be. It is a time to meet new people, in this case from any part of the world. Getting to know new ways of thinking and having new friends. It really is a very beautiful journey.

In your case that journey has forced you to learn a whole anew language.

Of course I was aware of it when I chose to study veterinary. I knew it would be hard, but I also knew it was the best way to improve my English skills. You are constantly listening to people who speak English, you learn veterinary terms in English, you talk to other colleagues, you get used to it being part of your daily life. And the same thing has happened with my Spanish!

During all these years, which part of your studies have you found more appealing?

Without a doubt, the practicals. Being able to so practicals in the veterinary clinic with small or exotic animals is the best part of our education here. The opportunity to do practicals from day one is something that CEU makes available to vet students, and it is a great way to apply what you have learnt in class. In that sense, the system here is different from Sweden, where you start to do practicals later than we do here in Spain.

Where do you see yourself in the near future?

For the time being, I will return to Sweden when I finish my studies and I will start working with large animals. In the medium and longer term, my goal is to work in a clinic with exotic and small animals, which I find really fascinating.

Thank you very much Linnea for sharing your experience with us.

We wish you the best of luck!


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