Make every day count

Hello everyone! My name is Luce Prieu, I am a 5th-year Veterinary student at University CEU Cardenal Herrera and I have spent two months in the Jarlard Veterinary Clinic in Albi, in the south of France thanks to the Erasmus+ Program.

This clinic is mixed, it treats pets as well as cattle and sheep and it also has an equine unit. Four veterinarians and three veterinary assistants work every day in the clinic, in addition to 24-hour shifts.

The clinic has two facilities in the city to serve both the owners and their pets. In addition, it is a place of reference in equine treatment and it collaborates with the animal welfare. This has allowed me to gain valuable experience in emergency care and recovery of animals.

Mornings are mainly devoted to surgeries and internal medicine consultations. Afternoons are devoted to visit herds and treatment of small animals. Thanks to this experience I have gained a lot of confidence. I have also gained autonomy in internal medicine consultations, which makes it possible for me to say that I have really made a lot of progress in my practical knowledge of production animals.

It has been tremendously enriching to have the opportunity to care of different species in the same veterinary clinic. Every day was different and I could spend all day outdoors out with the sheep or stay in learning more about surgery and consultations. Quite an experience!



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