Jeanna Viargues – our globetrotting graduate from France

Barriers are there to be broken or, indeed, jumped over. Breaking through them is what discovery and learning is all about. This is something Jeanna knows very well and put into practice. She knows that that is where true riches and growth lie and this is part of her success. She graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Veterinary Medicine in 2016 and yet she already knows what’s it’s like to work at the top of her profession. She specializes in the care of horses and work in the world of horse-racing at the Fédération Équestre Internationale (FEI). She’s worked in France, her home country, and in Dubai.


She speaks perfect French, Spanish and English, she’s passionate about her work with horses and she’s committed to protecting their health and well-being.  She’s a big sports fan: she rides horses herself and has even taken part in the Bercy International Jumping Competition. She also has experience in water sports and football, having captained the University team.

“My time in dubai was incredible and so I’d advise all students to spend some time abroad, to see what’s out there in the wider world. that’s a big help.”

Jeanna is a big fan of travelling and has been to many far-flung places across the globe: India, Thailand, Egypt and the USA are just some of the places she’s been to. There’s no doubt that she is a real success story and proof of the old adage that where there’s a will there’s a way. She really has found the way and everything points to a very promising future: at just 26 years of age, she’s already a successful veterinarian. She’s someone we’re proud to say is one of our Alumni.

Thank you Jeanna for telling us your story!


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