Our Spanish courses are underway


We have started Spanish courses at the Languages Centre for several levels. Our students are very motivated and enthusiastic about learning a new language and culture. The University CEU is prepared to assist our students in the best possible way, so that they learn and have fun at the same time with many inclusive activities according to the students’ needs.

Grammar is necessary, just like conjugating verbs. There is the dreaded “ser” and “estar”: *soy cansado”. But little by little those irregular verbs start to ring a bell like “poder” and “saber”. And we need them to speak.

Speaking is equally necessary, to be able to order a coffee and ask when the next class begins and in which classroom, greet friends and speak to them in Spanish and not only in English.

Our students also need to practise listening. It is imperative to be able to speak, understand what’s for homework and the dates of the exams, or for clubbing at the weekend and for listening to the top hits. How complicated it is, but nonetheless, necessary.

Reading and writing are definitively difficult. We do not like to write, only text messages, brief, unintelligible for our elders and parents. But now you have to get your act together and write an email, a message to the teacher. This is the last thing you expected. I like Spain, but behind the bulls and the fiesta, there is much more, yes, the language.

Some students of the B1 Spanish class were inspired by winter and with great skill they wrote poems like the ones that are attached. We encourage all students to continue to write and express their feelings in Spanish, because the language of Cervantes is a special vehicle for the transmission of the most sublime chords of the heart.


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