Welcome to the Language Blog!

Welcome to our new language blog! We’ve created this space in order to keep you informed about our courses and activities, and to share with you some of the tools and tips used by other professionals in the world of languages. In addition, we will tell other students’ experiences with languages, as well as their trips to other countries or any anecdote related to language learning. For these reasons, we’ve decided to divide the blog into the following categories: Experiences, Certification, Life at the HUB, Training and Tips.

That said, the intention of this first post is to introduce our department and the team, so that you know who you can turn to if you need help. Our companions will be happy to assist you!


Welcome to the Language Blog!

I’m Alicia and it can almost be said that I work at Wonderland. I’m responsible for ensuring the smooth running of the Languages department and for coordinating the tasks of the outstanding professionals who work in the service. I also make sure that the training and certification programs for students and CEU staff meet the requirements of an international context, where language skills add an essential value.

Welcome to the Language Blog!


I can help you with French, Spanish, and English and also in Spanish literature and culture. If you want to improve your writing skills in Spanish, come to the Writers’ Club.


Welcome to the Language Blog!

Hi, my name’s Greg: only my mum calls me Gregory, usually when I’ve done something wrong. I’m from Liverpool in the UK, and I translate the University’s website and administrative documents into English. I also teach English, usually to the University staff, although sometimes to students too. I have also been known to teach Spanish on occasion – my degree is in Hispanic Studies. When they let me out of the office, I can sometimes be found singing karaoke in The Hub, typically the Beatles even if I would rather go for grunge. Please do not ask me about Liverpool FC: I support Everton, of course.


Welcome to the Language Blog!

I’m Sara and I can tell you about how to prove your English level in order to enroll for the TFG, which requirements you need to accomplish to be eligible for an Erasmus grant or how to access the Master’s Degree in Secondary and Upper Secondary Education. Hope to see you soon.


Welcome to the Language Blog!

Are you interested in improving your Spanish and don’t know how? Aiming to prove your Spanish level with a certificate endorsed by the Instituto Cervantes? If you answered yes to any of these questions, ask for me at the Language Service and I will provide you the information and help you need.


Welcome to the Language Blog!

Hello! I teach English B1-B2 to students and University staff, I help in organizing accreditation tests and assist in the preparation of activities for The Hub, more specifically the conversation in English. Learn more at the Language Service. See you soon!


Welcome to the Language Blog!

With a certain sense of “Peter Pan” I myself was a student not long ago, so I love staying in touch with the students, studying their needs and helping them whenever I can. I teach English and Spanish, and I coordinate the activities of the HUB and the Tandem. I will also be updating this blog with the help of my colleagues. See you around!


Welcome to the Language Blog!

Hello. My name is Gabrielle and I can answer all your questions about English exams! If you need encouragement or motivation, you know where to find me.

We will be back with more stories soon…

See you!


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