The Spanish summer course begins!

The Spanish summer course begins!

On Monday, July 24 we started the 2017 Spanish summer course.

At 11 am on a hot and sunny day, future CEU UCH University international students arrived at our facilities, looking forward to a new chapter full of adventures in their new home. But before embarking on this great adventure of university life, many of them will attend the summer course offered by the CEU UCH.

After a presentation talk, they have been given all the material they will need during these 4 weeks of the course, with timetables, objectives and activities.

All students were summoned to a Spanish level test the next day. At the end of the test, the respective groups were made, and so began the first class of the course.

The 100-hour summer course consists of theoretical classes divided into different levels, from beginners to the more advanced levels. In addition, many cultural and leisure activities will be organized, both in the university and through excursions in Valencia, so that students have the chance to know the city and its most emblematic places, monuments, architecture and culinary customs.

The main goal is that students learn to deal with day-to-day situations while pursuing the academic objectives proposed at the same time. The classes will be complemented with specific vocabulary activities, related to the degrees that students will study from September on.

Cultural activities will be equally important, since, ranging from games on the beach, Bike tours, a visit to the Biopark, sports and international food tasting. All parts of the program will have a language component so that the student can apply their knowledge to different areas.

A summer full of adventures, laughter and learning awaits us!


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