The inauguration of the HUB Castellón

Following the successful activities of the HUB101 in campus Valencia, The English HUB in Castellon is finally up and going, and, as they say… the good things in life are worth waiting for!

Second-year Primary and Pre-school teaching students get together in the HUB every Thursday morning to have a conversation exclusively in English. We have a small but cozy space to comfortably accommodate all. Provisioned with many comfortable cushions, which much to the delight of the students can be magically transformed into puffs, this space offers a relaxed atmosphere and welcoming oasis in our busy university campus.

Our recent activities include word definition games and B1 oral exam practice. Other games, which are thoroughly enjoyed by the students, are “Speed dating” and “The Alibi game”. Future events include a film-showing event and continuation of the oral practice sessions for those students who wish to take official English exams.

For further information about the HUB, please contact Anne Scharfenecker or Eilish Slowey in AC104. You can also get in contact by emailing [email protected]. We would be delighted to listen to your ideas and feedback on current or future English activities in “The HUB”.


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