Teleza sees her dream come true

Father Fernando and the director of Mkhula presenting the award to Teleza

Here’s a heart-warming story. Thanks to the contributions you have made, today a young girl in Malawi has seen her dream come true: to be able to keep going to school.

Her name is Teleza Mkumba, she’s 14 years old and she was born in a small village in Malawi called Benga. Her teachers have only good things to say about her, especially her determination and her good grades in all subjects. Those of us who have been lucky enough to meet her have also been struck by her incredible potential. However, Teleza and her family knew that she wouldn’t be able to continue going to school for financial reasons – but then the opportunity for a grant from CEU UCH came along. In April 2019, we told the head teacher of her primary school that, if she passed the entrance exam for secondary school, Teleza would get a grant. And then, in June, we got the news that she had passed all her exams – one of only two pupils in Mkhula to do so. On 15th September, she started at Nkhotakota Secondary School.

Teleza, receiving her award

She is the first pupil to receive a grant deriving from the projects the University has organized in recent months. Vets for Africa, the Chair of Solidarity, the Equality Unit and The Languages Service all participated in this initiative. Without even knowing it, you have contributed to this success over the course of various fundraising campaigns, such as by buying a bracelet on International Women’s Day, for example.

Teleza´s classmates at Mkhula School

We would like to thank you for supporting this initiative and to encourage you to continue lending your support to similar projects organized by the different University services and faculties. After all, we want to give out more grants to people like Teleza. With your help, we can do it. If you’re interested in participating, just get in touch with Paula or Dani.


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