Never stop reading…


Many of our students have participated in our new initiative ‘The books exchange’, in which they brought a book from home and chose another one from our available sources of information on the bookshelf. It was an exciting activity and, in addition, we assure that our students are interested in enriching their knowledge through paper books. Have you got a new book to read before going home from school today? If you don’t have time yet, bear in mind that you can always come by the language corner, the HUB101, in order to share and take a book.

Apart from this long-term activity, a brilliant challenge of writing a story took part in the main building during April 23rd. The idea is starting from the phrase ‘Once upon a time’, and the next person should write just one sentence to continue the story. It is amazing to see how the plot of the story turns out from the different perspectives. Students and teachers from all faculties have participated, meaning that no matter what you are studying, reading and imagination have always been in your mind.


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