DELE, SIELE, ECIE: which one suits you better?


Among many Spanish examinations types, you may feel confused. Here are the basic facts that you may consider before applying for your level exam.

The DELE (Diplomas of Spanish as a Foreign Language) has always been the most recognizable Spanish official diplomas worldwide, which test the four language skills: listening, speaking, writing, and reading. You can choose the level you want to achieve from A1 to C2, and you have to remember two things: the validity of it is unlimited. Great! but you have to pass it- so, it’s an all or nothing chance. This is the main reason why some students hesitate when applying for this type of language exam.

However, If you want to be on the safe side, SIELE could be a smart choice. This system was released only two years ago (2016) and you will do the entire exam on the computer. Even though the validity of it is only 5 years, you will not have the pressure of passing any specific level, because based on your score, the examiners will award you the corresponding level. Also, another convenient fact is that you do not have to test yourself in all four skills if it is not necessary. Different combos are offered, such as reading+ listening only, reading+ writing only depending on the candidate’s wish.

Finally, ECIE exam is an internal qualification of Spanish level of our university. It is fixed at level B1, and if you pass, you will not have to worry until the end of your studies here in CEU. Many students choose this way to fulfill this language requirement, as it’s free of charge. But remember, it’s not valid as a certification of Spanish outside the university.

Our student opinions

Amy from 4th-year Dentistry challenged herself with DELE. She admitted that the listening part was too hard, as the speed was faster than when she normally studied. She was quite confident in the speaking part even though she did spot some mistakes afterward, especially when dealing with verb conjugations.

Elisabeth from 2nd Nursing has chosen the SIELE exam: “I thought the test was okay, not too hard, but not easy either. The hardest part was the listening part, for sure, because it’s hard to hear over the speaker. However, the easiest I think was the writing part, because I was practicing well for it. The instructions in the test were very good explained in advance”. Not surprisingly, Elisabeth got good results on this exam. 

If you have any doubt, come to our Language Office and we will guide you to the right choice.


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