A bilingual tour


The Language Service of the University has organized an experience, unforgettable for many, not only to know the city where they live or where they are staying for a limited time, but also to meet new people from other countries, exchange their languages ​​and of course, to absorb the feeling that every Valencian has in their veins: The Fallas feeling.

On Monday 11 March, Spanish and Erasmus students, as well as others from international degrees took a stroll through the streets of Valencia to learn about the history and art of our great city, along with teachers Matt Zugsay and Pilar Alonso, who were in charge of the explanation in English and Spanish of the most representative monuments of the city.

The route of the excursion included, among many others, the following stops: Torres de Quart, Caballeros Street, the Palau de la Generalitat, Torres de Serranos, the Cortes, the Plaza de la Virgen, the Colomina Palace, the Almoina, the Cathedral, the Plaza Redonda and the Lonja.

To conclude this great visit, the 20 international students and the 15 Spaniards went to the Mascletà in the Town Hall square.

Undoubtedly, it was a unique experience and a great way to learn both languages.


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