Improving communication skills

Communication is the process of sending and receiving messages and exchanging     of verbal and nonverbal thoughts, opinions, information and verifying the perceptions. Only 15% of communication is verbal; the other 85% is nonverbal.

Communication is the most powerful toll in dentistry today. If there is one absolute truth     in dentistry today, it is that practicing dentistry is no the same as it will not be the same even a year from today.


Dentists must recognize their “communicator” role as equal parts mentor, motivator, and monitor for team members. A dental practice will grow only if team members believe that they are an integral part of the office success, respected and valued for their contributions.

For this in CEU Cardenal Herrera University our first year Dentistry students attending the annual course of Spanish as a Foreign Language in the Language Service, as future dentists, have been learning basic Spanish language needed to communicate with patients at a Spanish Dentist Clinic: making appointments, receiving patients, asking for symptoms,… The teachers at the Language Service congratulate them on their effort and good work. Dressed in their white coats, they played an excellent part as Spanish dentists!!


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