Do you know who is Saint Apollonia?

Fresco of Saint Apollonia
(St. Nicholas Church, Stralsund).

Saint Apollonia is the patroness of dentists, and people suffering from toothache and other dental diseases often ask her intercession.

The history of Saint Apollonia is very sad. St. Apollonia was a holy virgin who suffered martyrdom in Alexandria during a local uprising against the Christians in the early 3rd century. Her martyrdom came just before the persecution of Decius (248-249). During festivities commemorating the founding of the Roman Empire, a mob began attacking Christians.The great Dionysius, then Bishop of Alexandria (247-265), related the sufferings of Apollonia: Men seized her and, by repeated blows, broke all of her teeth. Then they erected a pile of sticks outside the city and threatened to burn her alive if she refused to repeat impious words after them (either a blasphemy against Christ, or an invocation of the heathen gods). When she was given a little freedom, at her own request, she sprang quickly into the fire and was burned to death.

St. Apollonia: Patron Saint of Dentistry” paint exhibits at the Sindecuse Museum of Dentistry of Fletcher and North University. (Photo courtesy School Of Dentistry)

Apollonia belongs to a class of early Christian martyrs who when confronted with the choice between renouncing their faith or suffering death, voluntarily embraced the latter. She is popularly invoked for toothaches because of the torments she had to endure. She is represented in art with pincers holding a tooth.

The feast day of Saint Apollonia is on 9th of February. In the University CEU Cardenal Herrera, Faculty of Health Sciences (Dentistry Degree)  this feast day celebration will be on 10th of February 2014 all of you are invited to the mass in honor to Saint Apollonia(10 AM)  followed by an  academic ceremony.  At the end of the ceremony you can enjoy a traditional chocolate with Spanish doughnut (churros).

Do you know how to pray to Saint Apollonia? This is the prayer for toothache to Saint Apollonia

Glorious Apollonia, patron saint of dentistry and refuge to all those suffering from diseases of the teeth, I consecrate myself to thee, beseeching thee to number me among thy clients. Assist me by your intercession with God in my daily work and intercede with Him to obtain for me a happy death. Pray that my heart like thine may be inflamed with the love of Jesus and Mary, through Christ our Lord. Amen. My God, bring me safe through temptation and strengthen me as thou didst our own patron Apollonia, through Christ our Lord. Amen.

If you have problems in the clinic, if you don´t  find a root canal pray to Saint Apollonia she will help you. If you don´t trust me try it…


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