Basic recommendations for recent Graduates in Dentistry

With all our last year students already graduated, it is now time for us at CEU Cardenal Herrera University to pass you the baton. As alumni, we hope you will still be in touch with the university and that you will share with us your professional accomplishments; that’s why we will continue to send you useful information to help you boost your employability!

As a first step, here you have a basic guide with recommendations for recently graduated students in Dentistry, compiled by the Official Dental Association of Valencia, which includes some tips that we are sure will be of great help for you. Please note that international graduates might need additional documentation if they want to follow these recommendations, and that the information contained on their website is in Spanish. You can download the original document here!

Don’t forget that here at CEU Cardenal Herrera University services like SIPE (Information and Careers Service) and the International Relations Service will provide you with a lot of information on international mobility programs and internships!

If you are looking for a job or you are going to study a Master’s Degree

1. Join the SERVEF.

If you don’t have a job, it is essential that you join the Valencian Employment Agency SERVEF to receive advice on how to find one.

2. Join the Official Dental Association of Valencia and ask for the Cuota Cero.

It is important to join the Official Dental Association so you can enjoy all the services they provide: advice, job offers, additional training, partnerships…

It is important to be officially enrolled to work as a dentist but besides that, being part of the Association is important because you will receive a lot of useful information and professional advice. If you are unemployed you can join the Association with no quarterly cost with the Cuota Cero, so you will just have to pay an initial fee of 150€. To benefit from this discount, you will have to prove with official documentation that you are unemployed.

3. Join a Dental Union

There are two main Dental Unions in Spain, the Sindicato Español de Dentistas (SED) and the Asociación Nacional de Dentistas Autónomos (ANDA). They  will try to protect your rights and the membership is free!

4. Keep an eye on ICOEV’s employment offers

As an associated you can consult all the job offers available on their website, or publish you own offer if you need to hire a professional dentist. Ask ICOEV for the form, fill it out and they will publish it!

5. If you are going to start a Master’s Degree, make sure you have an insurance

If you want to continue your studies with a Master’s Degree, you must know that it is mandatory that your School or College has a third party insurance to cover the students. Remember that any kind of dental intervention in Spain must be supported by a third party insurance including civil and penal coverage.

6. Training

If you have decided to continue studying, maybe you should check the wide offer of postgraduate courses offered by CEU Cardenal Herrera University!

7. Working abroad

If you are interested in working abroad, the Dental Association of Madrid has published an informative guide including interesting tips, which you can consult here.

8. Legal support

ICOEV has a lawyer’s office that can give you advice and support you in case you encounter any difficulty with a contract, a patient, etc. This service is only accessible for associates.

9. XR course

Most of the jobs available demand that candidates have passed an XR training. ICOEV organizes these courses for its associates on a yearly basis.

10. Learn about the advantages ICOEV offers you

ICOEV is constantly working to improve the services they provide to their associates. On their website you will find complete information regarding professional aspects (LOPD, banks, RCP, XR, prevention…) and leisure actvities (hotels, trips, fitness centres…), with exclusive offers for members of the association!

If you already have a job, ICOEV can provide you with useful information on employment and legal support. You can have access to a guide for new associates in which you will find detailed information on basic aspects you need to know before or during your professional exercise. From basic contractual concepts to legal aspects that could affect your daily life.

Remember that in Spain it is mandatory to be registered at an official institution such as ICOEV and to have a third party insurance. Without these, you can’t legally work as a dentist!


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