A taste of Porto, Portugal’s flavourful city

Hello everyone, my name is Consuelo. Without any doubt, one of the best experiences you can have at the university is going on an Erasmus+. Not only will you learn a lot and meet new people, but the experience will help you see things from a different perspective. In my case, I chose to go to Porto and spend the first semester of my fourth year in Dentistry in that city.

Making friends in Portugal? Easy!
Making friends in Portugal? Easy!

I adapted very quickly to the city, it is very welcoming and people are even more! All that made it very easy. I chose the option of staying in a university dorm where I was able to meet people from different places and who, little by little, became my second family. From my point of view, going to a dorm opens the doors to meet more people, so I chose to live in one of them during my stay in Porto.

At my host university, they treated me very well, they were very kind people, both students and professors, always attentive to any questions I had and willing to solve any problem. The only downside was the distance. The University was not in Porto itself but in a town on the outskirts. This made me wake up and take the bus quite early. Otherwise, the setting was perfect.

I decided to go live in Porto, and not in the town where the University is located. That is what I recommend to any student who plans to go to this city as an Erasmus+ student. Porto is a city that has everything, there is a great atmosphere and you get to might lots of people. That’s why I think it is better to be there and be able to enjoy the Erasmus+ experience to the maximum.


It is a city full of life where you want to go out at any time and enjoy its streets and its people.

Porto, vibrant and full of life
Porto, vibrant and full of life

As for the language there is no need to worry, Portuguese is very similar to Spanish. Although when they start talking it seems impossible to understand a single word, it is only a matter of time. In the end, the language is finally mastered and between both parties we understand each other without a problem. I arrived without knowing anything and I have been able to defend myself both in the street and in the University.

An overview of beautiful Porto, Portugal's second biggest city
An overview of beautiful Porto, Portugal’s second biggest city

All classes are in Portuguese but you end up adapting with the help of the teachers, so there is no problem. As an experience, I recommend it without any doubt and encourage anyone who is thinking about going on an Erasmus+.


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