5-Year English Dentistry Degree Program

CEU has initiated an English dentistry degree program in the Department of Dental Medicine since spring 2009. The aim of this program is to cultivate bilingual dentists and to serve as a vehicle to internationalize campus. Courses in curriculum are taught in English and Spanish, and for all enrolled students in the department are welcome to take either language as a medium of learning to facilitate their language abilities.  

 This 5-year English-taught curriculum confers graduates with an official degree in Dentistry (Título Oficial de Licenciatura en Odontologia o Grado en Dentista) that is identical to the one that resident students hold after successful completion of all degree requirements.

Admission to the 5-Year Dentistry Degree Program in English

This program is designed for candidates who graduate from high school and obtain good grades in chemistry, biology and English language. International applications for students of Chinese origins are accepted to the program through recommendation of the exclusive agency in Taiwan– Global Education Center (IPIC-GEC).


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