Round Tables on Women in Clinical Practice & Clinical Research

Two new events addressing the role of women both in healthcare and in clinical research are remotely taking place as an initiative within the Colaborative Online International Learning Project (COIL) entitled Women’s Empowerment in Science and Healthcare. This project, which belongs to the teaching programme of the subject Praxis and Research Methodologies, is intended to allow our 2nd-year undergraduate medical students to get a more analytical perspective on the role of women in society, in general, and in the scientific world, in particular, at the same time as our students develop their international and teamwork skills while working with students from other universities around the world.

The project, led by Professor Chirag Sheth and Dr Ana Checa-Ros at CEU Cardenal Herrera University, is jointly carried out with Keele University in the UK (Drs Andrew Morris, Sam Yeates and Rebecca Mackenzie) and Universidade Estadual de Sao Paulo (UNESP) in Brazil (Professor Silke Anna Weber). The project develops throughout six sessions, including two round tables focused on Women in Clinical Practice and in Clinical Research, and one global conversation in Maternal Health Disparities Across the World that is held as part of the Global Engagement Programme hosted by DePaul University (Chicago, US).

In particular, the Round Table on Women in Clinical Practice focuses on the opportunities and challenges for women in healthcare, thanks to the participation of the clinical practitioners Drs Carmen Rodero (CEU Cardenal Herrera University, Legal Medicine Institute of Valencia), Stephanie Layton (Keele University, Royal Stokes Hospital) and Maria Aparecida Coelho de Arruda Henry (UNESP). On the other hand, the Round Table on Women in Clinical Research counts on three clinical researchers from the participating universities, such as Drs Verónica Veses (CEU Cardenal Herrera University), Daniela Ponce (UNESP) and Suhad Dahir-Nashif (Keele University), to address the barriers and challenges faced by women working in clinical research from the professional, social and family points of view.

Both online events will be opened to all interested students and academics. The Round Table on Women in Clinical Practice will take place on 17th April, whereas the Round Table on Women in Clinical Research will be held on 24th April, both from 16.30h to 17.30h (CET) / 15.30h to 16.30h (UK) / 11.30h to 12.30h (Brazil). If you would like to joint us, please scan the QR code on the images below, which will direct you to the respective meetings.

Looking forward to seeing you!


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