Kristine, human values in Medicine

A selfie in Petra or a dip in the sea in Varadero? And why not both? If you and your friends of Medicine are planning a trip to the other end of the world, look for a nice and cozy place to discuss about it. One which has nice, natural light, a lot of open spaces and long, long corridors. Just like or Faculty of Health Sciences.

Kristine, a Norwegian student of Medicine at CEU Valencia
Kristine, a Norwegian student of Medicine at CEU Valencia

Right there, just a minute ago, Kristine (Norway) has organized her next holidays, as she tells us: “Yesterday I was talking with a classmate from Jordan and told her that I would love to visit her country with her when the course ends. Also, I have made a friend from Cuba and maybe… “.

It seems that you are going to have a busy summer! Before that moment arrives, maybe you can keep on traveling around Spain!

Before studying here, I already knew Spain. For many summers I have come on holidays with my parents. I love Spanish culture, the sun, the life on the streets! In a way, studying in Spain is helping me fulfill my dream.

You arrived in July to improve your Spanish in the summer course we organize for international students.

The opportunity to study a bilingual degree like Medicine was one of the reasons that made me choose CEU Valencia. It is not the only reason, but it is still one of the main ones. At the time, I valued the fact that the academic curriculum included so many hours of practicals because I think that academically you can learn much faster in this way. I was also attracted by the possibility of doing volunteering with the Faculty and, of course, the international environment.

“I find the international environment very enriching, both from a personal and a professional point of view”

Why did you choose Medicine?

I like to think that I can help people who need it. There is no tradition in my family, but I think it is a degree that opens up many opportunities, with many different disciplines to explore. I just started and I find it difficult to say now the path I will be following by the end of my degree. I know that it is a perfect field where you can showcase your human values.

Kristine, in our Faculty of Health Sciences
Kristine, in our Faculty of Health Sciences

You mentioned the international environment, did you know that you are studying one of our most multi-cultural degrees?

It’s fantastic! Understanding others is part of the medical profession. We try to put it into practice here, everyone is trying to understand the others’ circumstances. There are cultural, language differences, it is obvious, but in the end we agree on having the same vocation. This way of learning with the person before you, creating a close relationship, is enriching. Everything helps you become a better person and thus a better professional.

Is there anything that has caught your attention of CEU these last months?

All the students who come from other countries have left their home behind. We have our independence here, it’s true; You can enjoy what it means to organize yourself, but it’s a big step for anyone. In that sense, it is comforting to have the support of the University. From the Hospitality Package to the relationship with the teachers, always close and willing to help you out, everything makes the arrival and adaptation better!

And about your life in Valencia?

Although I already knew it, it never ceases to amaze me the warmth in the dealing with other people. In my country, personal space is managed in another way, so to speak. Here there is a lot of life on the street, many celebrations…

All of our requests to Kristine to have pictures taken here or there, move around the classroom looking for better light, etc… have got the same answer: A smile. As during the whole interview. We say goodbye. And in her last smile, we see something that tells us that whatever she does, it will always have a human touch. The importance of caring for others in the medical profession.

Tusen takk, Kristine: Send us a postcard from Jordan, or Cuba, or…


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