Master in Physiotherapy, Master in winning!

Miriam Roselló Marí, student of the Master in Physiotherapy in Sport and former student of our university’s Physiotherapy Degree.

What made you want to study Physiotherapy?

I’ve been a triathlete since I was 14 and sport is unavoidably linked with physiotherapy. I have always known that I liked taking care of others; helping people with their health. This is the best route I can go down to do that. Miriam worked as a volunteer in the Espurna organisation in Gandia, which is an association of social and work integration for people with a disability. Currently, she works as a trainer with paratriathlete children in AVANT.

The work of these two organisations is impressive, especially their attention to children with different abilities. If you have the opportunity, get to know them, it will leave you speechless.

I also practice as a physiotherapist in the Holistic Clinic, centre of Maria José Sánchez, a clinic for integral attention in Valencia.

Miriam speaks to us about the advantages of a subject like Anatomy: the theory classes are complemented perfectly by the practices. That helps with the learning.

Some harder questions for Miriam:

Which professor do you remember from your first year at our university?

I have a special fondness for Paco Bosch, four years later and I still remember his classes and how much I enjoyed them.

And from your new stage in the master degree?

I have a lot of mutual understanding with Javier Martínez, he is a triathlete like me.

Which subject do you enjoy most?

Without a doubt, Manual Therapy, I think that the majority of students would agree. It is a very entertaining subject.

Why did you decide to do a master?

The majority of my patients are athletes. I was looking for an official master to increase my training and I am very happy with the decision I made. I like the master degree for its large variety of content that I am learning and everything related to sport: Bandages, Biomechanics, Manual Therapy, Training…also, the addition of the great classmates and the good atmosphere that we have inside and outside of class… That’s why.

Your future plans?

To compete with the CEU team this weekend in Murcia. At a professional level, to continue with the collaboration in the clinic and to continue with the training, that’s fundamental.

We would like to say goodbye with this beautiful quote by Espurna:

“Our mission, vision and values are not formulated as a desire, but as a journey”.

Miriam, we hope that you succeed in your journey!

Thank you for sharing so much with us.


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