The “Linh way” of being a storyteller

How many ways can there be to tell the same story? From how many perspectives can be a subject, an object, a group of people observed? Telling the routine of an international university like ours is an exciting challenge. And complicated, too. There is only one thing more difficult than telling that reality: finding the right person to do it.


You have to be attentive, respond quickly to everything that this university offers. And know how to get to any place. And be there any time, where there is a conference, or an activity, or an impromptu meeting, or a party, or that play, and that seminar with experts from all over the world that nobody wants to miss …. You have to know to invent oneself every day, as the CEU UCH is invented each morning. Some time ago, our service was lucky to find one of those special people, a natural storyteller. Her name is Linh and this post includes only part of everything we could say about her.

“It´s ok, Linh told me to come …”,“I have spoken with Linh and now she is preparing a text about…”,“Linh has scheduled a visit…”,“Linh is in contact with another student…” Her collaboration with us during this time as an intern in the International Relations Office is done with these kind of sentences, calls, WhatsApp messages and emails, and of course, a great and affectionate smile, typical form Lihn.

Linh is a student from Vietnam. She studied baccalaureate in Denmark. She decided to study in Spain because she loves Spanish culture. She does not hide it. That passion for our country has been reflected in all the entries to this blog that she has written to talk about Valencia. For more than a year, Linh has shared her eyes with us. A unique and special look that has allowed her to tell, from her perspective and her experience, what we are as a university community and what we want to be.

“Every year the number of degrees they can be studied in English increases and it’s fantastic, every year there are more international students”

She chose University CEU Cardenal Herrera because it offered her the possibility of studying in English along with other international students. In addition, she loved the information she received about the degree in Pharmacy and this motivated her even more to start studying that degree at our University.

Linh recommends that students follow the advice of teachers and study every day a little. They should try to read everything. “There are many tasks, but they have to find a balance between the studies and their hobbies” she explains. From her point of view, it is very important to work frequently. She works every day in the investigation of different diseases. As she says, “the library is my second home.”

Almost two years after entering our University, Linh is fully integrated into the academic life and the offer of our campus. For her, multiculturalism is one of the greatest values ​​of CEU UCH. From her experience, she encourages others who want to take the leap and study in another country: “It is not necessary to go to the US or England to study in English, you can do it in Spain, in this University, and every year the number of degrees they can be studied in English increases and it’s fantastic, every year there are more international students”, says Lihn. Her passion for languages ​​has led her to collaborate recently with the Languages Service that our University has.

“We share culture and experiences with students from the five continents and that is very enriching”

Now that another department has wanted to have her services we will miss her. Also her interest in knowing other cultures, her love for travel, her restless camera that left almost no corner of the university to be explored, and the way her days seemed to last longer than 24 hours!

Thanks for everything, Linh! Believe us, the best is yet to come!!


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