A story of vocation by Pharmacy

A degree in Pharmacy has always been well respected, especially if it is paired with an open-minded and a curious, creative personality. Antonio Tarín is a good example. This 5th-year student, who is just about to finish his studies, is now ready to enter the labour market with a smile. Just the same way he has applied all the knowledge he has acquired in these last years in his practicals.

Because Antonio is positive and passionate about everything he does. He never chose a profession, he chose a vocation that serves other people.

The choice of degree

“It’d been a long time coming! When I was at secondary school, I loved doing Biology and that’s when I knew I had to study one of the sciences. When I got my final grades, I took a good look at my options and I saw that, by choosing Pharmacy, I’d be able to help people and make a positive contribution to their health. That’s what made me choose this degree and five years later I can say that I’ve never regretted choosing Pharmacy.”

“I saw that, by choosing Pharmacy, I’d be able to help people and make a positive contribution to their health”

The day-to-day

“The day-to-day routine is hard but still enjoyable. We have some courses with a lot of material to go through and that is time-consuming. We also have workshop sessions in smaller groups where we go into some of the things we’ve seen in lectures in more depth or where we can learn how to handle some of the computer programs used in the lab. And then you’ve got the practicals. So, you end up spending all day at university. You might have lectures in the morning and practicals later in another way around. I also try and take part in as many activities as I can because I really enjoy doing that. So, I was a student volunteer on the Small World Initiative (SWI) research project. Doing that has made it possible for me to work with my lecturer Teresa Pérez Gracia, a Professor of Microbiology – who’s a real role model for me – and also with a great group of other students who are now my friends.”


What stands out about CEU

“I didn’t know anything about CEU other than what I read on website. When I got here and I did the admission interview, I was made to feel very welcome. And then later, as a CEU student, I’ve been really lucky with most of my lecturers. My personal tutor in the first year was fantastic and then when I met Teresa Pérez and started to learn more about microbiology, then I thought “this is definitely the place for me.” The lecturers are really demanding of us, but the relationship between them and the students is really good and they’re very helpful. If you need anything, they’re there for you.”

As pharmacists are entrusted with health-related issues of many citizens, persons tend to trust and respect them. And, just looking at his smile, we can now see that Antonio will have it very easy to earn the admiration and trust of his patients.


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