Caitlin, pharmacist and a future Youtube sensation!

Don’t forget her because you will be seeing a lot of videos with her in our Youtube channel very soon. We met Caitlin a couple of weeks ago in our campus and found out that this American is enjoying her studies in Pharmacy to the fullest, as well as looking forward to joining our team of student Youtubers. This is what she told us about Pharmacy, her future plans… and her sweet tooth for chocolate!

Caitlin, student of Pharmacy from the United States
Caitlin, student of Pharmacy from the United States3

Tell us, Caitlin, why did you decide to study Pharmacy at CEU Valencia?

I am very used to moving from one place to another. My mother works for the government so she moves annually to different places. That’s why I lived in 11 different states back in the United States. We continued moving for many years until she got an offer to work in Spain. As soon as I graduated from High School, I came along with my mother. I spent two years here without studying,  just enjoying, relaxing and having fun. Then I decided to study in Spain because I was feeling really happy here. I wanted to be in this environment, speak this beautiful language and study what I was passionate about.

Was it always your dream to become a pharmacist or did you have other studies in mind?

Actually, I always knew I wanted to do something to help people but I didn’t exactly know that I wanted to do Pharmacy. It looked interesting but very hard at the same time, that’s why I had doubts. Finally, I realized that I really wanted to help people and could get a white coat which is very cool for me!

What are your short-term and long-term goals?

My short-term goal right now is to pass all of my classes and hopefully get good grades. I actually care about getting good results, but I also want to have fun and enjoy my time here as much as possible!

Talking about the future, I would say I see myself working in a pharmacy, maybe even having my own one. And I want to stay in Spain forever.

“There are many opportunities and really fun things to do here so you just have to step outside your comfort zone.”

Since having fun is so important to you, what do you normally do for leisure here in the city?

I spend my free time watching movies, hanging out with my friends and reading books. Also, I really like sewing. I’m still in a learning phase because I got a sewing machine only two years ago and I’m still working on my first dress. It’s been taking a long time. My plan was to have it for last Christmas but hopefully it will be done for this year. It’s going to be an elegant red dress because I feel powerful and strong when I’m wearing red!

What is one word you would use to describe yourself?


And what would you do if you weren’t studying Pharmacy?

I would be in Dentistry because as a dentist you are also able to help people and you still get a nice white coat!

If you were stuck on Mars, what two medicines would you bring?

I would bring a ChapStick and a lot of chocolate because chocolate is excellent. I eat it every day, sometimes even during my classes. Milk chocolate with Oreos is my favorite!

In your opinion, what is one interesting issue facing pharmacy today?

Antibiotic resistance is an enormous issue we have right now. People are prescribing and giving out antibiotics for everything. For that reason, the efficiency of antibiotics is decreasing which allows bacteria to mutate. For example, if people are not taking them correctly or they stop taking them, they’re essentially allowing the possibility of having antibiotic resistant bacteria and that’s what is propagating illnesses.

What was the last pharmacy-related article that you read?

It was ‘Coffee filter’ helps make new cancer drug Z- endoxifen 1,000 times cheaper. A group of researchers from Eindhoven University of Technology were doing tests and they found a way to make this drug using coffee filters instead of really expensive ones which means it will be cheaper and more accessible to everyone.

What is the last non-academic book you read?

Actually, I reread The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka. It always makes me cry but I love it so much. I like how beautifully written it is, every single word seems to have sense. It’s something really touching, beautiful, raw and sad and it makes me reflect a lot.

Caitlin is determined to live her years at University to the fullest
Caitlin is determined to live her years at University to the fullest

A tip for American students interested in becoming part of the CEU community…

Get your academic documents sorted and don’t assume that you have everything cause they want above and beyond. Also, do not be afraid of speaking and interacting with other people. There are many opportunities and really fun things to do here so you just have to step outside your comfort zone.

The biggest challenge people of your profession have to face?

The biggest challenge for any pharmacist is making sure that you’re not only building trust, but also giving the appropriate treatment and the right medicine because you got lives in your hands every single day. It might be a little easier to think that a doctor is the one who is prescribing the medicine but a pharmacist is responsible too.

And the most surprising thing you find about Spanish culture…

They have so much respect for sleeping and I think that’s excellent! It’s so cool that there’s a part of the day when you can take a nap and relax after eating amazing Spanish food!


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