My Erasmus+ experience in Antwerp (Belgium)

I went on Erasmus to the Artesis Platnijn Hogeschool in Antwerp during the first semester. I chose this destination because of its geographical position in Europe and because I wanted to go to Belgium to practice my French and English.

The “Grote Markt” in central Antwerp

The AP Hogeschool used a different system of education that the one I’m used to in Spain, which was very overwhelming at first, but easy to accommodate to. All the subjects where given in English, therefore, I was able to practice even more my English skills due to interventions, participations and expositions in class.

Antwerp as a city for university students is very handy. It’s not too big nor too small, I went walking everywhere. Every day you could do something different, I was never bored. The city is beautiful, I must outstand the cathedral, which has Rubens’ paintings inside. Furthermore, during Christmas time, there were Christmas markets with food and drinks.

In my opinion, the most “difficult” thing for me was the timetable. The day in Antwerp started at 9-10 am and ended at 6 pm. At 7 pm a normal day you rarely saw anyone on the street. Nevertheless, in a couple of days I was into this new timetable.

During my stay in Antwerp I met a lot of amazing people from all around the world, from whom I learned a lot of things and I was able to have a look at new cultures.

In overall, the experience went over my expectations and I most certainly would repeat it and recommended to everyone.

This article was written by Susana Fernández Guinea, student of Business Administration


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