Jasmin Such, learning at PricewaterhouseCoopers

Student of Business Management Jasmin Such is doing an internship at PricewaterhouseCoopers PwC, one of the Big Four, being in fact the world’s largest professional services firm. In this post she tells us more about this enriching experience:

“As a student in Business Management I have had the great opportunity to gain experience in one of the Big Four, PricewaterhouseCoopers, in the audit area. The experience is being very enriching since the first day I have not stopped learning about the business world and auditing.

In my opinion, the greatest advantage of taking an internship in a company like PwC is the speed with which we learn and the professionals who teach us. “Networking” is also a strong and very important point as there is the opportunity to meet and relate to professionals in the field of companies at an international level.

“Teamwork is ESSENTIAL”

Teamwork is essential; Audit, decision making, and problem-solving tests are all based on group work. The teams are usually formed by members of different ranks (fellow, assistant, supervisor, manager, partner) and by teams we go to the client’s facilities to perform the audit. In the last month and a half I have had the opportunity to work with five companies belonging to different sectors. This rotation of clients allows me to know and to face the peculiarities of each case and to acquire experience in very varied sectors, for example, hospitals, companies manufacturers, foundations of the Valencian Government, car dealers, supermarkets and many more.

In general, I believe that this experience will bring value to my personal and professional life because it is a demanding and motivating work that requires to apply the knowledge acquired in the career, to take initiative and to take responsibility. Finally, thanks to this opportunity, I think I will receive excellent training and be prepared to face the labour market in the near future”.

We congratulate the student Jasmin Such for the Angel Herrera Award she won in its 19th Edition. Here we leave a few words from Jasmin:

“Every effort has its reward”

After receiving the award of the best student of my faculty, the Faculty of Law, Business and Politics, I can definitely say that “every effort has its reward“. Studying the doble degree of Business Management and Marketing at CEU Valencia has been the best decision I’ve made until today. I enjoy studying each subject, each of the classes and how I really like what I do, the effort I do not consider it a sacrifice but, enrichment and personal and professional development. Finally, I want to thank the university, the professors, my classmates and my family for supporting me and giving me this great opportunity.


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