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With German punctuality, Denise arrives in our meeting point. It is 7:00 pm and we are right in front of the Mercado de Colón, one of the most emblematic buildings in Valencia. She has just arrived from Münster and, since we are going to talk about business, we want to make a good first impression.

Denise, German student of Business
Denise, from FH Münster, will be studying this year at CEU Valencia

In the end, it is her who gives us a good impression. In perfect Spanish, Denise tells us how beautiful our city looks and how much she likes the place we have chosen for the meeting. As if we were among lifelong friends, we look for a nice place to chat quietly. We will talk about her and the European Business Program she studies at FH Münster, the one that has brought her here to CEU Valencia. We’ll leave business for another day.

Tell us Denise, what plans do you have for your professional future?

After the baccalaureate I did a training related to the fashion industry and economy. Fashion is a sector I have always been interested in. However, in the future I would like to work in the automobile industry. What I mean is that my goal is to work in a multinational company, such as Audi or Mercedes-Benz.

I don’t think the concept of work in Spain and Germany is really that different.

Maybe you would want to create your own business?

No, I don’t think so. I prefer to work in an already existing company so I can avoid risks… I wouldn’t want to have a fixed schedule and spend all day in the office, because it would be too boring. For this reason I would like to find an intermediate point where the work is dynamic and interesting, but not too stressful. As I said, I would like to work in a large multinational company because I am sure that I will find a pleasant work environment there.

Denise repeats several times that she would like to work in a large company. Her double degree, along with her knowledge of German, Spanish and English, will of course make it very easy for her. In addition, she comes from one of the most industrialized regions in Germany, so it won’t be difficult for her to get a good job.

And now that you are in our country, what Spanish companies would you consider as references?

Without a doubt, Inditex. For starters, it is a fashion company, which I already find appealing, but above all it is a highly innovative and international firm. In addition, it has a very unique concept. It is very interesting to see how everything started in a humble atelier and has later become one of the largest companies in the world.

“I think it is important to take an international placement, because employers value it very much and, of course, it is an essential personal experience”

Would you like to work there once you finish your studies in Münster?

I have never worked in Spain, but I think it would be an interesting experience. In fact, I do not think that the concept of work in Spain and Germany is really that different. Maybe I’m saying it because Spanish culture is well known to me. My grandfather is Spanish and although he lives in Germany, he has a special relationship with Spain. He always prepares paella or artichoke tortilla. I also have some Spanish features myself because I love music and dances from Spain.

Student meeting in Valencia
We met Denise in downtown Valencia

You say you have a very special relationship with our country. Is that the reason why you came to study in Valencia?

Well, the FH Münster has an agreement with CEU Valencia. I chose Valencia because it is not too big, it has the beach, the weather is very good… Also, it is near Alicante, where my relatives live. Now I can visit them more often and eat my favorite food, which is paella. I also think it is important to take an international placement. Mainly because employers value it very much and, of course, it is an essential personal experience. For example, yesterday I could not enter my house because I left the keys inside and had to find accommodation for the night. I think that’s how you personally grow, you have to learn from your own mistakes and find solutions when nobody can help you. This prepares you for life and for your future job because there will undoubtedly be many challenges.

What do you hope to achieve with this international experience?

For starters, I want to improve my level of Spanish. Also, I want to meet many people from different countries and also Spanish peers. My biggest dream is that I can keep this relationship and that my new friends come to visit me in Germany!

Student Denise in Valencia
Denise, ready for a life-changing experience here in Valencia

We say goodbye to Denise with the hope of seeing her again in the near future, perhaps in Germany working for a large company. To do this, she will first have to finish her Erasmus+ stay at CEU Valencia and her studies at FH Münster. The same path, but the other way around, that some of our students of Business Management have already undertaken thanks to the agreement signed between both universities.

Auf Wiedersehen, Denise!


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