Learning by doing…a PESTLE analysis

Today we’re not having a “normal” class. There is no PowerPoint presentation, there is no masterclass… Today you have to work in groups, and put into practice what you have learned. Today it’s time to carry out a PESTLE analysis.

First-year students of the degrees in Business Management and Marketing have got down to work. From what they have learned in theory into practice. From “How factors in the general environment affect companies” to “How does the situation in Catalonia affect the large consumer sector”. Thus, based on different pieces of news, they have had to develop a PESTLE analysis for each topic.

Students of first year of the degrees in Business Management and Marketing

Especially interesting has been the analysis of a case of full relevance: the effect of the Catalan independence challenge on the large consumer sector. The results have been exposed by the students themselves to their classmates. A practical and innovative approach that brings them closer to the business reality.

The correct use of different tools in Business Administration begins with their study, and subsequently their application in practice.

It is important to be aware of their potential but also of their limitations.

Applying PESTEL to the different headlines analyzed

SWOT and SVOR, PESTLE, CANVAS, BGC-matrix…are other useful tools, are you familiar with any of them?


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