Get your dual international degree in Business in Germany

What if you could broaden your university education in a European centre of excellence? What if it is a leading European university when it comes to Business and International Relations? What if you ended up not only with a degree in Spanish Business Management but also with a double international degree from its German counterpart: the Bachelor European Business Program? These are just a few of the possibilities available to the students at the University CEU Cardenal Herrera thanks to the agreement with the Fachhochschule Münster and specifically its School of Business situated in the German region of North Rhine-Westphalia.

Overview of the FH Münster in Germany
Overview of the FH Münster in Germany

“This international agreement differentiates us from the other universities by allowing our students to obtain two official degrees. It also has an added value when it comes to the Erasmus+ grant agreements that we have signed but it does not however allow Erasmus students to receive an official double degree,” states Ana Isabel Mateos, professor at the University CEU Cardenal Herrera Elche campus. She highlights that CEU students can benefit from this international degree as it enables them to “gain an international vision when it comes to knowledge and concepts that they have already learnt about in Spain.”

Students at FH Münster
The School of Business at FH Münster is one of the most important in the EU

In order to obtain the official German degree, CEU students must spend one academic year in Münster. This will allow them to enjoy the international experience; get to know other students from all over the world; broaden their knowledge of the largest economic power in Europe and the fourth most powerful in the world; open up their horizons and help them to build a future for themselves. The signed international agreement between the two universities was established in Valencia thanks to the initiative of two CEU professors, Paco Suay and Pedro Caja. It is part of a strategy to offer students a better and more complete education, influenced by the international vision in all of the degrees related to the business world.

The FH Münster is located in the German region of North Rhine-Westphalia

For students wanting to choose the dual degree, Ana Isabel Mateos explains that preparation is key, as the required English level for students wanting to study in Münster is B2. “From the moment students first step into a classroom at CEU we explain all the different possibilities there are for studying abroad so that if they are interested, they don’t leave all the preparation until the last minute,” states the CEU professor. The agreement with the FH Münster also offers students the opportunity to attend German classes; therefore, if a student is interested, they can start preparing to go abroad from day one.

At FH Münster
The faculty at FH Münster, ready to welcome students from CEU Valencia

Ana Isabel Mateos is of the opinion that the best year to go to the FH Münster is 3rd year. This is because in Germany, the students will acquire a more international and practical outlook of what they have learnt in the classrooms since they will have to do internships in German businesses.


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