Finance + Technology. Differenciate yourself in our Bloomberg Room.

Our classrooms are connected to the wider world in order to train good future professionals. That’s because our mission is not only to teach, but to teach in order to learn and know how to do things.

Studying at CEU UCH means betting on a different universityin what it does and how it does it. It means combining experience, with innovation. It means being internationalwithout leaving home. In short, it means choosing the most comprehensive option in order to become what you set out to be.

Within our Business Management and Marketing Degree, we provide our students with enriching experiences in order to develop their transferable skills, so that they know how to do things.

Applying the Case Method style of learning and teaching means the learning spaces have to be different. That’s why you should bear in mind that you will not only learn in the classroom, you will also have to prove your worth during visits to companies and project presentations in the presence of executives.

“The Bloomberg Room is a pioneering space dedicated to finance and the stock market.”

Access to this system of information about the stock market and global finances, the same one used by analysts and professionals in the financial market, will allow theory and practice to be integrated and will bring students closer to financial reality.

“Students will be able to get to know and analyse the moments of the financial markets in real time, without even leaving the university.”

Economic and financial information is appearing more and more in the media, but people do not always know how to interpret it correctly. It is about a pioneering initiative in the Valencian Community that will allow students to get to know and analyse the movements of the financial markets (such as stock indexes, movements of assets, currencies, state bonds, statistics and news and information for business analysis) in real time, without leaving the University.

“This initiative shows CEU UCH’s commitment to innovative teaching and the generation of spaces that provide our students with a university experience which goes beyond the classroom.” – Rosa Visiedo

Bloomberg is an American company founded in 1981 that offers all kinds of services related to global financial information. The company works through terminals in which computer screens are installed with a special keyboard to facilitate access. The various screens can be configured according to the user’s interest, in order to be able to see the financial market more easily in real time, since the information streams through very quickly. From this platform you can consult and analyse the stock markets, carry out simulations of portfolios, study the movements of many types of assets or see historical evolutions, among other functions, which facilitates the decision-making process. In addition, it offers a financial news service with news from around the world. They are currently present in more than 120 countries, have 176 offices with around 19,000 employees and more than 325,000 people are subscribed to their service, as stated on their website.

“The pupils will be able to make decisions related to the analysis they make in the classroom.” – Pedro Caja

Are you ready to connect with the world financial market?

We’ll finish up by sharing this 90-second video with you, during which we spoke with one of our professors, Jose María Membrives, about “The Bitcoin”.



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