A Career in Law: the Case of Noelia Úbeda

Noelia Úbeda, Alumni UCH CEU y Career Center

Noelia Úbeda graduated in Law four years ago, but since then she has maintained her links with the University – and this has paid off. One of the first things she did after graduating was to sign up for the University’s Career Center. Users can receive notifications regarding career opportunities in their specialist area and are also able use resources which enable them to keep on improving their CV and employability.

By using our Career Center, Noelia found her current job: she now works as a solicitor specializing in the area of medical professional liability for Fornes Abogados.

Her Experience as a Solicitor

How did you come to work for Fornes Abogados?

I first learned about the Fornes Abogados firm at a medical law conference (the I Congreso de Derecho Sanitario) which was organized by Carlos Fornes, President of the Asociación de Derecho Sanitario de la Comunidad Valenciana, the regional professional association for medical law. Later, I saw a job offer on the University’s Career Center for this same firm. I applied and since then I’ve been working in the medical professional liability area, concerning both criminal and civil matters.

What’s a typical day at the firm like?

Every day can be different, because you’re studying certain legal issues, managing cases and then defending your position in court.

What does your role principally involve?

My main responsibility is to advise healthcare institutions and healthcare staff with regard to any criminal or civil cases brought against them by patients and also to liaise with insurance companies to deal with particular incidents.

Searching for a Job

How did you go about finding this job?

The truth is that I wasn’t actively looking for a new position, as I already had a job at another firm. But then I saw that there was this very attractive vacancy advertised on CEU’s job platform, and so I decided to take the plunge and apply for the job.

CEU makes a range of different tools available to students to enhance their employability

What are the best things about the resources the University employs to improve student employability?

CEU makes a range of different tools available to students to enhance their employability, and these are really useful. They offer courses on how to draw up a winning CV or covering letter, and they publish job offers on the Career Center which are tailored to your interests and skills. All of this helps both students and recent graduates to establish themselves in the job market.

The University Experience

What do you take from your time at CEU?

Obviously, I learnt a lot at CEU academically, but I also gained lots of personal experiences and a wide range of professional opportunities.

I’d highlight the basic human values on which a CEU education is based. Thanks to them, I’ve grown both personally and professionally.

And then there’s also all the opportunities you get by being at the University. You can study new languages, do sport or gain international experience via the many agreements that CEU has with universities and institutions across the world. All these opportunities make the years at the University a really enriching experience.

What do you remember from your time at the University?

I remember the first day of lectures, the stress of the exam period, the well-earned breaks at the coffee machine and the conversations with some of the University’s excellent lecturers. Graduation was also a very special day. Most especially, I remember the good times I had with my classmates and people who are my friends today. I still look back at that time with a lot of affection and think about all the trips we went on together and all the experiences and laughs we had.


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