Generous by Law (and Politics)

Our interview with Lisa starts in reverse mode, as she is the first one to attack: “Do you know how I can sign up for the Model of the United Nations here at the University?” She has only been in CEU Valencia for a few weeks but is already putting into practice one of the purposes that brought her here. Her dream? To become a Diplomat: “I want to know different ways of seeing the world. Other perspectives when facing current social challenges. I want to participate in every activity that I can, meet people from other places. It is basic for my training“.

A student in our Library
A student in our Library

Here you will find that multicultural environment. How do you think you are going to adapt?

The University offers many possibilities for this integration to be real, fast and effective. I was looking for a private university with a good reputation and, above all, focused on International Relations. What I have found upon my arrival meets these expectations. Also, the attention of both the faculty and the staff in the Welcome Days and in the first days of class, makes that integration much simpler. I do not feel like a new student at all. The truth is, I’m happy with the reception and happy to have come!

What attracts you to Diplomacy?

Precisely that, the possibility of moving around the world, accumulating experiences with people from around the globe, sharing different visions, discovering new cultures. And apply all that knowledge to the service of those who need it most. The work of organizations like UNICEF or the UN particularly appeals to me, the generosity and commitment that all their actions give off.

Group of students at CEU Valencia
Lisa and her classmates on the first day of class

You have already collaborated with UNICEF in your country.

That’s right, I’ve been collaborating there for years, paying attention to the needs of impoverished villages. I have been involved in actions with children and schools, carrying both material, clothing and even food.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

I see myself working with one of these organizations. My thing is solidarity and integration. I want my experience in Cameroon to be present in my education and that my training can be applied over the years to achieve a better world.

The work of organizations like UNICEF or the UN is particularly appealing to me

A Double Degree like the one you are going to study seems a great challenge.

I think that in addition to being focused on International Relations, the Double Degree has many advantages. To start with, there are two areas that go hand in hand in many fields of activity. On the other hand, it means discovering two areas of knowledge at the same time and that is a challenge but also a stimulating thing to overcome.

Good luck with it, Lisa!


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