Sharks, studies & solidarity: all at once in Mexico!

Camila Mariño, student of the UCH-CEU Double Degree in Law and Political Science wants to specialise in International Relations. She has always known that staying at another University is an added value to her studies now and to her employability in the near future.

After considering all mobility options offered by UCH-CEU University, she opted for Iberoamérica Santander Grado Grant. She chose Mexico, a country to which she is connected because of family bonds. There she studied the last semester of this academic year at the Technological Institute of Monterey. Now that she is back to Valencia, she wanted to share her Mexican experience with us.

Now she is in Valencia but she could have stayed in Latin America, specifically in Ecuador and more specifically working in that country: “The professor of Global Economics got me an internship at the Ecuadorian Government that I could have started at the end of the academic year but I already had plans for these months”, she told us.

The practical aspect of studies is not the only similarity with UCH-CEU academic model.

“The Technological Institute of Monterey system is very similar to ours: personalised, focused on the students’ evolution through the whole academic year and continuous assessment”.

Her stay in Monterey gave her the opportunity to collaborate with the NGO TECHO, devoted to the education of disadvantaged groups.

“I went with them on Saturday mornings to a community called Aliancita, participating in an educational programme for socially excluded children. The memory of other volunteers, children and parents with whom I collaborated is without a doubt the best one I have. I am sure I will go back to see them”.

About the life in the campus, she highlights the great number of students from other countries, the welcome service – with support groups trained by the students themselves and even an “older brother” to guide you with the first steps in the city-, and the great offer of sport activities:

“The University gave the possibility to participate in an incredible variety of sports for free: Swimming, Tennis, Basketball, Volleyball, Boxing… and there was a gym inside the campus with activities such as Zumba, Step, Spinning… also for free.”

This exchange, according to Camila, gave her the opportunity to get to know Mexico much better.

“I could visit amazing places that I didn’t know before and live unique experiences such as swimming with whale sharks in Los Cabos”.

 It was always very clear to Camila that mobilities and exchanges are a wonderful opportunity to improve the international profile of her training at all levels. Now, besides her conviction, she has a personal story to confirm it.

Thank you for sharing it with us!


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