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At CEU, we love being able to welcome back a graduate in Audiovisual Communication and Journalism who is now a successful professional. Paula Guinot is Project Manager at Squared Points and she delighted us with a fascinating masterclass entitled ‘The Power of the Audience on YouTube. New Ways of Working for Communication Professionals’.

Paula Guinot, Alumni UCH CEU en una Master Class

She began her talk by showing us a video entitled ‘YouTube Rewind 2016’. Google turned over 9 billion dollars with YouTube in 2016. If MILLENIALS are your TARGET MARKET and you want to make your own IMPACT upon them, then you have to work on your YouTube channel. A billion hours of video are consumed on YouTube every day.

Paula highlighted the great influence YouTubers can have on what people buy.

What is an MCN or Multi-Channel Network?

An MCN is a kind of “channel of channels” on YouTube and can be very useful. These channel networks tend to focus on a specific theme. MCNs have three different types of clients: YouTubers, companies and brands. One way in which YouTubers gain exposure is by creating a feedback loop with followers, by responding to comments and generating more comments in turn, encouraging further fan participation. The communication undertaken by MCNs is based on: a content strategy, rights management, provision of expert advice and optimization, and influencer marketing. It’s important to bear in mind that MCN content and TV content are not incompatible.

Paula shared many interesting examples with us: the YouTuber ClaveroBaseball Trick Shots from Dude Perfect, the YouTuber Andrea Comtom and the case of the cover version of La La Land by Fran Coem. Cover versions of songs are very popular on YouTube, but it’s important to remember that such videos may be subject to royalty claims, as the song itself is not completely original content.

The audience was also given an introduction into the world of intellectual property rights and royalties. If a YouTube video includes content which is subject to copyright, the Content ID system will be activated and make it impossible for the video to be monetized. The objective of big companies on YouTube such as FC Barcelona or La Liga is to protect their content and monetize it. La Liga clubs are experiencing many problems with YouTube. They need to control their copyrighted content, but it’s hard because many users broadcast the matches live on the platform.


Paula gave us a series of tips, a kind of YOUTUBE SURVIVAL GUIDE[SEE OUR POST ON THE YOUTUBE SURVIVAL GUIDE HERE]. These tips include:

  • Clearly define the theme of the channel
  • Undertake cross promotion
  • Work on interacting with your followers
  • Promote your activity on social media
  • Keep on producing content
  • Include a greeting and farewell message on your videos
  • Remember: Youtube is not TV!

Another thing we learnt is that YouTube will place a heavy emphasis next year on streaming. We’ll see more and more videos with the #live hashtag on YouTube.


Master Class Paula Guinot en la UCH CEU

Users are now at the heart of everything: they decide when and how to watch video content. This is why the Internet has been such a game-changer. It’s the audience that decides how, when and where and so users have a lot of influence on the creative process. The big stars on YouTube take a lot of trouble to keep their target audience engaged. Optimization is another way to grow your channel’s audience and reach your targets. The audience has to be paramount and at the heart of the whole creative process. YouTube want to encourage interaction with the audience which boosts subscriptions.

Having a strong content strategy is a key part of a channel’s success: study the trends that are out there, what things are the most searched for, and determine the way you can ensure that your content always addresses the audience’s tastes and is in line with the latest trends. But you also have to be trust in your own instincts and not put content out there that you don’t believe in just to chase clicks. Being passionate about what you do is a major part of success.


The thumbnail is the key factor in 80% of clicks on videos. But Paula stressed that today the number of views in itself is not so important: it’s more about the amount of time people spend watching a video. So, even if your thumbnail is good, but people don’t spend much time watching the video, then this will be penalized.

Would you like to be YouTube Certified?

Paula recommended participating in the YouTube Certified Program to learn more about managing audiences. You can also visit the Creator Academy which provides access to the Program.

Many thanks to Paula for such an inspirational and productive workshop. You’ll always be welcome back at CEU!

Asistentes a la Master Class de Paula Guinot


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