Getting to know the world of Creative Researchers


Sometimes Mondays can also be exciting and inspiring! Lucia García, alumni of CEU Valencia was more than happy to share her experience in London as a Creative Researcher with our students of Audiovisual Communication and Advertising.

A photo of the event about Creative Research.
Lucía gave a very inspirational talk to our students

> To begin with, do you know what Creative Research is?

Basically, it is an emerging field that consists of innovative and creative production. Lucía named three essential components that come together in the process of Creative Research which are treatment, references and pitching.

> Besides, do you have any idea of what a Creative Researcher does?

Lucía is working closely with directors and producers to help visualize their ideas. And she does this through the visual research and treatment design for their projects. If one day you become a creative researcher, you will definitely be working with commercials, music videos, film and TV pitches, branded entertainment projects, logo designs and film posters.

A photo of alumni of Communication and professors.
Lucía and members of the Faculty of Humanities and Communication (a.k.a. her teachers!)

Moreover, as a creative researcher you get a chance to collaborate with the most famous brands and companies in the world: Mercedes, Converse, Radiohead, Channel 4, Red Bull, McDonalds, Google and many more.

That being said, it sounds like a perfect job! As Lucía said, it is such an enriching experience to collaborate with internationally recognized directors and producers and be able to develop your own ideas. It definitely leads you to a personal and professional improvement!

“In my opinion, creativity and research are essential in the field of Communication”

However, she also emphasized the importance of having a lot of patience and good communication skills; features that will really come in handy while interacting with the client. Also, you should always ask yourself if your vision corresponds to the one that the director has and try to find a consensus.

She encouraged everybody to pursue their dreams and not be afraid of new experiences. “I never thought it would be possible to work something like this for a full-time. Look at me now, I’ve been working for PULSE FILMS for four years already and I’m enjoying it so much”, said Lucía. “Even if you don’t want to become a creative researcher, I definitely recommend you to think about references! I am constantly looking for new ideas on the Internet and it helps me a lot while developing new projects“, she continued.

Who knows, maybe somebody is already thinking about becoming a creative researcher after hearing such an interesting and inspiring experience?

Special thanks to Lucía García for coming back to CEU Valencia and open our eyes to new trends in Communication!


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