The Choir: where great voices and people meet!


Do you love to sing? You know what… You don’t even need to know how to read music. Your interest in it is all you need in order to join the Choir. You will not only learn all about music, but you will adore it instantly… ANYONE can participate.

If you are a music lover, I urge you to get out of bed and go join the choir. Why, you may ask? Because it’s completely and utterly worth it.

We are all here to study hard and earn our degree, but who says we can’t have fun while doing so. If it’s anything, joining the choir will actually help you more with University life. It will allow you to meet new friends who share that same love for music as you do. It will also help you relieve your stress. The beauty of music truly brings out love and joy in life. It helps you release the emotions that are trapped inside of you and allows you to be free.  It will build up your confidence and express yourself through music. And you know what, it will even help you with your Spanish as well! 

I have had the pleasure of meeting the director, Maestro José Manuel Palau Sala, the coordinator, César Blecua Udías as well as other members of the Choir. All of them are very kind and very welcoming. Each student comes from a different degree and has a different personality. But all together, they create a beautiful sound.

The Choir does not only include students, but teachers as well. Any member of the university is welcome to participate. Being a part of it is a huge responsibility as well as an honor since it is said to be the “Eyes of the University”. Therefore, in every event, everyone must perform at their best, and all together, they represent the University CEU Cardenal Herrera.

The Choir to required to perform during some events throughout the year. Events such as during the beginning of the year, graduation and during holidays. In return, you can earn up to 2 ECT per year for joining the choir, showing up to rehearsals and participating in all events.

What if you have an exam to study for and cannot attend one of the rehearsals?

Not a problem, It is understandable that your studies are your number one priority. The director of the choir allows absences for educational purposes and only asks that you simply send an email informing him of the situation and that is it. They are very understanding as well as supportive of your education.

If you ask me to describe the Choir in one word, I would choose…Family.

Every member of the Choir loves and respects one another, and when you hear them sing, you can tell that it’s coming from their hearts. Just watching them rehearse makes you want to become a part of the choir, a part of a family.

The songs they sing are very meaningful and spiritual. They are not all in Spanish, but also in different languages, The Choir is open to any suggestions, whether it is in a foreign language or even from a movie.

I was very impressed by their incredible talent. Their ability to be able to sing in different ranges is breathtaking. Most importantly, It just shows that anyone from anywhere can truly sing and be spectacular at doing so. It taught me that…

“All that is required in music is your heart and effort.” -K.G

If you like the idea of being part of the University CEU Cardenal Herrera Choir, please contact the Coordinator: César Blecua Udías at [email protected]. Just go and attend one rehearsal, and you will see just how attractive this activity is.


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