The Languages Service at CEU-UCH welcome a new Chinese teacher: Tang Han

Tang Han, new Chinese teacher at CEU-UCH Languages Service.
Tang Han, new Chinese teacher at CEU-UCH Languages Service.
Tang Han, new Chinese teacher at CEU-UCH Languages Service.
Tang Han, new Chinese teacher at CEU-UCH Languages Service.

The CEU-UCH Languages Service welcomed last week a new teacher: Tang Han. She comes from China to help students and university staff to initiate in Chinese language. She will also teach us different aspects of Chinese culture.

How did you feel when you first arrived to the University?

The first impression about CEU is the nice architecture of Seminary building, and staff here are really warm and nice, they would like to help you. But the only problem is many people here don’t speak English, so if you don’t speak Spanish either, that would be a big problem though.

What is your opinion about the university and the students?

I consider CEU as a great university for international students, it is outstanding for its clinical and veterinarian specialty, school has many programs and courses to offer, students here are open minded, competent with multiple languages, I think that is awesome.

What was the first thing that attracted your attention in the university? Do you find it very different from the place where you studied?

The first thing that attracted me is the vibe here, it’s very liberal and also has a strong academic atmosphere, since there are many international students and Erasmus program students, they are open to share their thoughts, ideas with each other, which is a good opportunity to make friends with people and adjust to the university life.

In China, many universities are really attracted to foreign students, but since we don’t have programs like Erasmus, so the enrollments and courses designed for international students are less flexible than here I think, but we still have something good to offer like Chinese language, literature and Economics, etc.

What, in your opinion, is the most effective way to learn chinese? how would you encourage people to do it?

Well, I know Chinese is a completely different language system from Spanish, and the oral part is very important and essential for beginners, so I would say try to practice Chinese speaking as much as possible, and the best way is talk to a native Chinese speaker or there are many short videos about Chiense learning on Youtube,which are very precise and effective,you can learn a lot by checking them out. Above all,interest is all that matters,so you can also try to listen to some Chinese popular songs,they may help you as well.

What do you expect of your time in Spain?

First of all, i wish my Spanish is getting better and better,good enough to communicate with local people and maybe some essay writing.:) Second of all, i hope my students enjoy my Chinese courses. Last one but not least,enjoy the Spanish lifestyle,including food,weather,festivals,friends,culture and scenic spots,etc.

We wish Tang Han all the best during her time at CEU-UCH University. It will be, without a doubt, an unforgettable experience for her.



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