Students of Medicine in a Seminar about hydration

Some of the Students in the Foundation Valenciana de Estudios Avanzados
Some of the Students in the Foundation Valenciana de Estudios Avanzados


On September 17th students of Medicine of first and second year, went for a Seminar to the Fundación Valenciana de Estudios Avanzados.

They were listening 2 conferences: the first one, imparted by Dr. Marçal Pastor, from the University of Barcelona, was about aquaporines, the proteins carriers of water through the cellular membranes; the second one, given by Dr. Javier Salazar, Chairman of Human Physiology from the University of Murcia, who is one of the biggest Spanish experts in Renal Physiology. Dr. Salazar was working with Dr. Granger in Mississipi, one of the pupils of Dr. Guyton, the author of one of the most populars books of Human Physiology.

Dr. Pastor during his speech.
Dr. Pastor during his speech.


The Students have the chance to meet Dr. Santiago Grisolía, one of the most important Spanish researchers in Biochemistry and to see the diploma of the Premios Rey Jaime I in all its varieties.

In the afternoon, Dr. Mª Amparo López, teacher of Anatomy from our School and Pediatritian, gave a lecture about Dehydration in Children that was very well received by the audience. Also, Dr. Mª Dolores Pinazo-Durán was explaining the Dry eye syndrome. Dr. Pinazo won the First Research of Ophthalmology “Dres Galo y Gustavo Lehoz”.


Some of the speakers of the course with Dr. Grisolía, the General Director of Public Health from Generalitat and the Director of Activities of the Foundation


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