Alex or the strong value of mixture

Alex is Italian but he studies in German. Someday he will be a doctor. His University is in the Tyrol but he wants to improve his Spanish, although he is perfectly fluent in English when we do the interview. It is one of the last Erasmus + that has been incorporated this month to Medicine. Just arrived from Austria and asked where you can eat the best Valencian paella and when is the next game of the Spanish League. Long live the mixture!

First day of Alex in our campus
First day of Alex in our campus

Why did you choose the CEU-UCH, Alex?

When starting my studies at the Innsbruck University. I had two things clear: I did not want to end without opting for international mobility and that mobility had to be in Spain. I consulted with my University the agreements with Spanish centers and the CEU-UCH appeared. Everything I saw I liked a lot, but I’ll tell you that being so close to the beach for someone who studies where I do is an important attraction.

You just arrived but you have already been able to walk around Valencia What are your first impressions?

That’s right, I visited the neighborhood of El Carmen, and I thought it was a peculiar place, because of the structure of its streets and houses. Some corners have reminded me of other European centers that I have visited. I will live near the Mestalla stadium and everything is very close from there, for example the complex of the City of Arts and Sciences, which is spectacular, is only 20 minutes away.

No beach at Innsbruck
No beach at Innsbruck

How do you think you will remember this experience that you just started?

As a challenge that I decided to accept and overcome. You know, it’s a bit strange the feeling of being out of your home, but I know I’m going to be reinforced as a person, that I’m going to improve my way of facing life, getting to know people from different cultures. I am delighted to be able to make my stay in an international campus where there are so many nationalities.

And at the academic level?

I really want to know the Spanish system in the first person. There are some differences and I want to see how I am able to face them. For example, one of the most important is the fact that the final exams are for each subject. At my university, at the end of the semester there is a single test, it is different but also a challenge.

What would you say to that student that in your faculty or in ours is reading your interview and thinking if he / she chooses an Erasmus scholarship?

I would say it like the ad: just do it!. This is an experience for life!

And we only have to say
willkommen”, and “welcome”, and “benvenuto” and “bienvenido, Alex!”


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