Nicole: what it takes to become a Nurse

Her name is Nicole and she lives in Florida (USA), though not for long. She is one of the many American candidates who have applied this year for a place in Nursing here at University CEU Cardenal Herrera although, after her successful application, we should already refer to her as student nurse. Indeed, Nicole will be leaving the States to start a new life in Valencia (Spain) in a few months; but while she gets everything ready for the big move, she wanted to get a glimpse of her future student life and signed up for our Open Day. A flying visit but also a unique opportunity for us to meet her, ask her a couple of questions and get to know her a little better.

Nicole, we will meet you again in September for the new academic year kickoff! 😉

Student Nurse Nicole and Benita Pérez, her personal advisor at CEU Valencia
Student Nurse Nicole and Benita Pérez, her personal advisor at CEU Valencia

Open Days are perfect events for our International Relations Office to finally meet the candidates and their families and show them that the faith they have in us is not misplaced. In fact, many of our candidates have a personal advisor assigned to them from the moment they fill in their admission form; a person who will guide them throughout the whole process and will be available for them at any stage to answer their questions and assure a successful application. In this case it was Benita Pérez, member of our International Relations Office, who had managed Nicole’s application and did not want to miss the opportunity to share with her and her mother a coffee before the Open Day started.

“It is very exciting to finally get to meet our candidates because in many cases we have an emotional bond with them. After so many calls and e-mails, meeting Nicole feels like meeting a friend I haven’t seen for a long time!”

Benita Pérez, member of our International Relations Office

And what about Nicole? Why does she want to study Nursing? What does she think about CEU Valencia? We approached her after the visit to our facilities and asked her directly:

Hi Nicole, why do you want to be a nurse?

Ever since I was a little girl, I always said I wanted to become a Nurse. As I grew older I began to doubt myself and didn’t think I was capable of becoming one. After graduating I took part in a volunteering trip to Ghana, Africa and that’s when I made it my goal to complete Nursing school so that I can return to Ghana and give the children and their families the medical attention they deserve.

What were you looking for in a university?

What was I looking for in a university? Hmm absolutely everything that CEU Valencia has to offer. I’d like to be more than just a statistic to the university and at CEU I definitely feel like an actual student. I feel comfortable and confident. I look for student activities as well, I’d definitely like to be involved with my university. I like a lot of hands-on learning activities as well.

Our staff, happy to finally meet Nicole!
Our staff, happy to finally meet Nicole!

Do you see yourself living in a city like Valencia?

I can totally see myself living in Valencia, the city has so much to offer! Great beaches, awesome people, delicious food, beautiful weather, nice architecture. I’m stoked to be living here for the next few years! The weather and beach make it feel so similar to home (Miami) but I definitely like it better.

That is a quite a leap from Miami to Valencia, Nicole: welcome to CEU and thank you!


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