Getting into Nursing at CEU Valencia

With such an international campus, it’s no surprise to hear that we love visits from prospective international students as well as home students. Recently we met Pauline, a French student who we look forward to welcoming in September to study Nursing at CEU UCH. After a tour of the department and a chat with the professors, she sat down to talk with us about what drew her here…

First off, we asked her why Nursing is the vocation for her. She explained to us that it’s in her family, both her uncle and aunt are nurses and therefore she’s grown up in that environment. She used to go to work with them and just knew that is what she wanted to do.

“I saw the relationship a nurse has with a patient, and the practical side of things too, and thought, seriously, this is what I want to do, it is the job that looks the most like what I want to do in life.”

Though she had the opportunity to study nursing in France, she told us that she likes to travel and for her, it’s an opportunity to learn another language and experience another culture, which suits her well having previously spent time Panama. As she describes it, it’s a new life for herself:

“I like Valencia, here you have the beach, the sun, and it’s the part of Spain I like the best. At CEU UCH I can learn Spanish and English, and I am going to get to know people from all over the world; for me, it’s an opportunity that will be incredible.”

Which leads nicely to another reason why she chose CEU UCH – the international vibe we have here. She is aware that in the future, she is going to encounter patients of all different nationalities as a nurse…

“Now the world is open; there are people from all different countries and there is a cultural change which I find incredible.”

And her expectations from us here at CEU Valencia? She hopes to get a broader education than she would have done in France, since here she has access to a new culture, a new language, and the chance to get to know people all over the world.

Thank you for chatting to us Pauline, all the best and we look forward to having you in September. See you soon!


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