Tips before the Spanish Summer Course


The big day is coming, and we know that you are all excited about this. Beside of all the application process, we have revised for you all the information that you need to know before arrival at the CEU and tried to give you some useful tips. And here we come:
First of all, please don’t forget to download the documents that you need, from the Hospitality Application. It is important to have them with you when you come, in order to make the check-in procedure. Also, on the Hospitality Application you can apply for the services that you will probably need when you arrive here, as hotel, taxi Sim Card, and bank account. It is always good to be prepared!
Secondly, Books! You will need your books form the first day of the course. The course lasts form 9.00 till 2.00p.m so you will certainly find it difficult to be involved in the lessons without the needed materials. The book that you need to have with you is “ELExprés. Nueva edición” from the editorial SGEL. It can be found in the bookshop Railowsky, just across the street from the University.
Last but not least, is about Attendance. Attendance is essential. You need to have 75% presence at the course in order to be able to pass the final exam and to get a certificate. So try to come every day, if you want to have good results and to integrate faster. During the lessons you should be collaborative, to be active and open minded, try to speak and produce in Spanish, and if you have some suggestions don’t hesitate to tell them to your professors, they are always open to new ideas.

Finally, as it is summer, and you will be in Valencia, we have prepared for you a plenty of extra activities that you are going to enjoy. We are waiting for you on the 25th July at 9.00 at the hall of the Luis Campos Górriz Building (Calle Luis Vives 1, 46115 Alfara del Patriarca, Valencia)
Hasta luego!


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