We started this blog to talk about microcredentials, competency certification, and digital badges – all of which are concepts that have been in development for some time and that will have a key role to play in the future.

On this topic, we still see many gaps in people’s knowledge, and there is a wide variety of models and perspectives – some of which are contradict each other. There is some conceptual confusion too, and many tools and technologies which are still in development. However, what is undeniable is that we have before us an opportunity to build an entire ecosystem that will shake the foundations of training, accreditation, recruitment, lifelong learning, etc. Its effects will impact on academia and all kinds of social organizations.

The world of CEU microcredentials

That’s why we want this blog to be a space in which to share, debate, build, learn, develop, and communicate. We want this blog to accompany and report on the growth and evolution of certification through microcredentials. It will show the various approaches to this issue, and to shed light on this exciting challenge for the future.

We are writing from Spain, but the blog will have a global perspective. Most posts will be in Spanish with translations into English, but we may write original content in English or mix both languages ​​in the same post.

We want to talk about the microcredentials model that we are developing at CEU, but also to observe and share the work of other universities, companies, and institutions. There will also be a focus on the continuing development of regulations and legislation in this area.

Beyond theory

The blog will address issues to generate debate, and present opposing positions and critical perspectives, but always in a constructive spirit and in pursuit of objective analysis, showing respect and really listening to other views.

Let’s face up to the challenges, the difficulties in creating microcredentials, the pain points, and things that are still on the to-do list.

Let’s explore new developments and the opportunities available to us.

In short, let’s enjoy the journey and, on the way, let’s hope that we can make small contribution that can help move the issues forward.

Now that we have declared our intent, let’s begin.


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