10 reasons to stand out with CEU microcredentials

“One person can make a difference and everyone should try.”

John F. Kennedy

Let’s get used to the term “microcredential” at the University

Microcredentials, or digital badges, are a new way to certify that someone possesses a competency, acquired via one or more learning experiences. At CEU Universities, we have created a range of learning pathways for students in which they can acquire microcredentials and personalize their learning journey.

These new approaches to learning mean that students themselves can choose from a wide range of activities organized by the University which enable them togain the competencies that employers are looking for.

The CEU Microcredentials Ecosystem: the different areas in which CEU Universities can certify students’ skills and competencies.

What are the areas in which students can gain CEU Microcredentials?

At CEU Universities, there are 3 ways to gain microcredentials:

  1. Via a range of extracurricular activities in which students can collaborate with the different services at the University (21st Century Skills).
  2. The University is currently developing learning pathways for each degree, enabling students to certify competencies acquired while completing the degree curriculum – Curricular Learning Pathways.
  3. By active particiption in a CEU Student Club (Peer-Reviewed Badgesproject.

Examples of Soft Skills Microcredentials, issued as digital badges (21st Century Skills):

Microcredencial issued as a digital badge
Soft Skill: Innovation
Microcredencial issued as a digital badge
Soft Skill: Leadership

10 powerful reasons to gain a microcredentials while at university

  1. With microcredentials, you canstand out in the job market: add even more value to your degree.
  2. You can be awarded microcredentials at the end of each academic year: you don’t need to wait until you graduate to get them.
  3. Easy to manage: by using the pioneering Badgr platform.
  4. You cab share them on social networks: for example, on LinkedIn, employers can see and click on them directly.
  5. They aredynamic: new microcredentials are constantly being developed and students can design their own pathway to achieve digital badges and develop in-demand comptencies for their careers.
  6. They are the means to deliver truelifelong learning: they enable everyone to keep on learning throughout their lives.
  7. They encourage and stimulate engagement and motivation.
  8. They certify that the person who possesses them has mastered the competencyvia the training received in completing the activities.
  9. Recognition: these digital badges are just as valid as printed certificates which contain the same information.
  10. Digital certification is what is needed and expected in a world which undergoing a profound digital transformation.

How can you get your microcredentials?

You can get microcredentials at CEU by participating in activitiesin activities that the University organizes for students and which enable them to develop their skills and competencies. The University then certifies them in the form of digital badges.

In this way, our students can leave the University with their degree and set ofsought-after and certified competencies – enabling them to really stand out in the job market and boost their careers.

CEU microcredentials logo

What are you waiting for? Discover the CEU Microcredentials Ecosystem today!

If you want to know more, check out our webpage on the CEU Microcredentials Ecosystem.


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