Teresa, Fulbright scholarship student from CEU-UCH


I still remember the first time I spoke to Teresa. Purely by accident, it was my task to conduct the intake interview for the program in Audiovisual Communication with her. She came to my office, and after speaking with her my first idea was “what a peculiar girl”. At that time, however, I did not imagine her in the world of theater. A while later she started assisting my classes, where she stood out for her effort and her involvement with her studies. We remained in contact afterwards, as we would run into each other in the audiovisual production center on the CEU-UCH campus, where she did an internship. It was then that I got to know the theatrical Teresa. At the moment she lives in the United States and tells us about her experiences there.


“I have always been theatrical – and very stubborn too. I grew up among artists, in a family of six children where I am the second-youngest. I discovered the world of theater and opera through my father, while my mother taught me there is no obstacle too great to overcome. It is thanks to them that I am in the United States, where I am doing a very interesting master and have a great project at hand.

Apart from my parents, I am grateful to many people for helping me arrive where I am. People that I met at school, at university and in Prague, where I did an internship of almost two years. Throughout this time, there were always people who would help me and who would give me good advice. At university, particularly, I learnt a couple of life’s fundamental lessons, namely to adapt to a professional environment, and to take advantage of whatever opportunities arise. I recall with great appreciation my internships with CEU Media and Radio CEU.

A good friend of mine in the spring of 2009 told me about the United States and the Fulbright scholarship programs. From that moment onwards, I focused all my effort on that one goal. In the summer of 2014, after a somewhat complicated procedure I was selected for the Master in Theater at Montclair State University (MSU), in New Jersey, under the Fulbright Scholarship program. The scholarship for the next two years covers my living expenses and studies – that is, the complete cost of the master and related expenses. Although I’ve been here for only three months, I can confirm both the program and MSU are excellent. The classes are of a high standard and offer us a lot of chances to practice. Furthermore, our professors and my fellow students demonstrate passion for what they do, which motivates me to do my best in everything I do.

In the past, I never dared to dream one day theater could become what I earn my living with, and so it was just a hobby. Now I am certain I will work in what really interests me. When I look around I still cannot believe I got so far. The only thing I can say is “thank you”. I thank the Fulbright Commission, CEUCardenal Herrera University and all those who helped me reach this dream come true.




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