Radio CEU promotes European Institutions among young people through the “Europhonica” project


Radio CEU, our university’s own radio station takes part in a project about the European Union together with 18 other member stations from the Spanish Association of Student and University Radios – ARU. The objetives of this international project are to promote the European Union, its institutions and deepen some of its most relevant topics such as citizenship or policies. Under the name Youth Euro Stance, this European-funded broadcasting project is coordinated by Radio Campus France and will be integrated by university stations from Spain, France, Portugal, Italy and Germany with shows in their own languages.

The shared radio show is called Europhonica and will be broadcasted from the European Parliament in Strasbourg and produced by students of Communication coming from the different participating radio stations. The show will be broadcasted on a monthly basis from September 2015 to February 2016 through ARU member stations.

The contents of the one-hour show will explore a wide range of topics, including interviews to MEPs and other European decision makers, as well as other contents touching on EU Institutions and members: the 30th anniversary of Spain’s membership in the European Union, national sovereignity in the European context, the role of young Europeans in the 21st century or the Union’s economic policies will be some of the current issues promoted in the show.

The first show, which was broadcasted last Thursday, focused on the 30th anniversary of Spain’s signature of accession to the Treaty of the European Union, an extensive report on the city of Strasbourg (France) and interviews to several MEPs. On this occasion, the show was produced by members of Onda Campus, Inforadio and Radio UEM.

We are sure that this project will be of great value for students of University CEU Cardenal Herrera and an excellent way to promote Europe-related topics among Radio CEU’s audience.


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