My first days at the University: an exciting start

You only have to exchange a few words with Pablo Suárez to see how enthusiastic he feels about his first few days at the University. He loves travelling, is a bit of an extrovert, is keen to learn and knows what he wants: to take full advantage of his time at CEU UCH. Welcome!

You’ve just begun a new stage in your life, one that is very different to what has gone before. What have the first few days been like?

I thought that it would be a difficult few days, but I was wrong. I was a bit nervous when I got here, because this was a new situation for me. But it’s all been very easy; the other students have been very friendly and so have all the University staff. In just a few days, I now feel at home at CEU UCH.

What has stood out for you?

The other students, most definitely. Everyone’s really open and easy to talk to: they help you out with things you’re not sure about, we talk about the notes we’ve taken and all that. I also think that the fact that CEU UCH is an international university could be a good thing for me. All the other students in my lectures are really friendly, whether they’re from Spain or abroad. The University makes it easy for us to get to know each other and that helps us to be even more open-minded about other people. So, you may well end up having friends from other countries and that’s something that’s really enriching. You can practise the languages you know and maybe you can go to visit them in their countries in the future!
And I’ve been very impressed by the standard of the lecturers: almost all of them have a PhD or are working on their thesis. So, I think we’re in good hands.

Why did you choose this university?

Both my parents are economists, so since I was little I’ve wanted to do something related to that field. But then I also love to travel, so I wanted to find a degree which could help me to combine those two things: my interest in business and my love of travelling. At CEU, I found the study programme that I was looking for, in the shape of the Dual Degree in Political Science & International Relations and Business Management. I think it will give me the international profile I’m looking for. And also the chance to travel! I wanted to study at a prestigious university as well, something that could make my CV stand out later.

The University makes it easy for us to get to know each other and that helps us to be even more open-minded about other people

What activity have you enjoyed the most during the Welcome Days?

There was a barbecue for all the students who take part in the Mentoring Programme – which enables first-year students to meet students from later study years and who will act as our mentors during the first few months. I enjoyed that the most because I was able to meet a lot of new people in a really relaxed atmosphere. All while eating a burger!
To finish off, what do you expect from the next four years of your time at university?
I want to get a good education, to take advantage of each and every lecture, and to get some international experience under my belt: to do placements, to go on the Erasmus scheme, and to make friends from other countries. I want to do it all!

Thanks for sharing your experience of your first few days at CEU UCH with us, Pablo! We hope 2018-19 is a great year for you, full of new experiences, new friends, learning and personal development.


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