Future experts in Sports Journalism on the road again

Students of Journalism at University CEU Cardenal Herrera have recently resumed their classes in order to obtain the certificate of University Expert in Sports Journalism.

For first-year students, who attended the first sessions of this course, the start has focused on radio broadcasts on sports and its importance in the history of radio in Spain, with Damià Vidagany.

Practical sessions are taught in the radio studios of CEU Valencia

They have also learned the key factors to news and sports chronicles and have shared thoughts on the sources of information with professionals in the media, such as Rafa Villarejo (COPE) and Salva Folgado (CV Radio).

For their part, third-year students have begun the module dedicated to the preparation of texts for specialized sports publications in paper format. Afterwards, they will learn more about the design of this type of pieces of news and how to inform about sporting events.

Journalists Rafa Villarejo and Salva Folgado have shared their experience with our students

In the second semester, second-year students will learn to “communicate” sport on television, with the development of chronicles, reports, special coverage and narrations -among others- and fourth-year students will be fully devoted to learning about different techniques of the sports information on the Internet and sports infographics.


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