Eva invites us to step outside our comfort zones

Her name is Eva, she is a 20-year-old student from France. Back home, at the University of Strasbourg Eva is studying Law, Political Science and History but she decided to make the most of her Erasmus+ exchange at CEU Valencia by adding Journalism to her curriculum, the subject that she is really passionate about.

Nice to meet you, Eva. Tell us, why did you decide to go on Erasmus+?
It is obligatory back at my university, so from the very beginning I knew that I am going to spend a year studying abroad and had enough time to do a researh on different universities and find the one that suits me perfectly. I think this is a good idea to make it  a part of your study programme because sometimes students are afraid of such experience and never get out of their comfort zone which is sad because in my opinion, studying abroad gives you an opportunity to grow both personally and professionally.

A girl sitting in front of the Faculty of Law, Business and Political ScienceAnd why did you choose Spain?
Well, I have studied Spanish for many years  at school but I could not speak it well. Last summer I went to Spain to practice the language a little bit and was living with a Spanish family in a small town near Oviedo.    It was such an interesting experience because not only did I help with the kids, enjoyed homemade Spanish food, but also travelled and interacted a lot in Spanish. This time I came back to Spain for the same reason – I want to learn the language and I love being here!

In my opinion, studying abroad gives you an opportunity to grow both personally and professionally.

Was Valencia your first choice?
I got three options but Valencia was the best one. I think Madrid is too big for me and I could not go to Barcelona because I do not speak Catalan. Also, I found out that I have a possibility to study Journalism at CEU Valencia which I am very interested in, so I decided to take this opportunity. I have fallen in love with Valencia already because it is such a beautiful city! It was a good decision after all.

A photo of a girl sitting in front of the Faculty of Law, Business and Political Science

Maybe you are already familiar with journalism as you say that you really like it?
Actually, yes! I am writing for the university paper back home.

That is really interesting! You are more than welcome to join the newspaper of CEU Valencia. Anyways, what is the difference between your classes in Strasbourg and here?
I am quite surprised because there are only a few students in my classes. I think this is a better way to learn something as you have all the professors’ attention but I have to get used to it because I was feeling more invisible at my university.

What do you expect from your Erasmus+ experience?
As I said before, my main goal is to finally speak fluent Spanish. Also, I want to discover Spain by traveling and visiting different cities and towns.

How do you think your Erasmus+ experience will help you in your future career?
First of all, my language skills will definitely come in handy in the future. I expect to meet a lot of people that come from different cultures and speak different languages. Such experience makes one more open minded which is so necessary in order to face new challenges and deal with them at work.

Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us! We wish you all the best for your studies and future plans! 


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