5 reference magazines in Sports Journalism

If you like sports, you are likely to already know most of them, if not all. Today, we present you with the biggest sports newspapers and magazines, per country!

As a proper Spanish sports magazine, it is mostly about football, the most popular sport in the country! With an online edition available in English, Marca is the reference magazine in Spain when you like sports. It has a daily coverage of over 2 millionwhich makes it the highest in Spain for a daily newspaper, and also more than half of sports readership in SpainMarca also has its own radio station, Radio Marca, that broadcasts 24 hours a day.  

Founded in 1896, more than 120 years ago, this is one of the oldest sports magazines in Europe. This is also the most widely read daily newspaper in Italy and the fifth most visited News and Media website in Italy in 2019. Just like Marca, the main page usually focuses on football, but there are also several other sports that are covered, among which basketball, cycling or auto racing. 

With almost 8% of the German population registered in a football club, you bet the most famous German sports magazine’s name would be a reference to this sport! Founded in 1920, Kicker is one of Germany’s oldest leading media. The magazine is published twice a week, on Mondays and Thursdays, and now has a coverage of 3,200,000. It is considered as “Germany’s leading football/sports magazine”. 

“The Team”: another magazine that is mainly about football. It does also cover most sports: rugby, basketball, handball… The magazine has had its own TV channel since 1998, when it peaked because of the Football World Championship. It had a readership of 2.5 million in 2017. 

It is easily the most important sports magazine and the reference in terms of sports news in the US. The most popular sports in the US are covered: basketball, American football and baseball. It was read by over 23 million people in 2007 and one American adult man out of five at that time

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