Trento Marketing Challenge

Trento Marketing Challenge

Trento Marketing Challenge is a project developed with the aim of connecting the students of the courses in International marketing with the small- and medium-sized companies. The main idea is to increase the competence of the students.

TMC offers the students the opportunity to work as a consultancy group for companies and to the firms the possibility to have “on tap” for four months a group of students – supervised by their teacher – to carry out a targeted research on a foreign market of their interest.

The students are organised in work groups, mixing them from different universities and under the supervision of the teachers,  carry out the analysis of specific aspects of the foreign market, as required by the firm.

This year the University CEU Cardenal Herrera participate with students from marketing and with two Spanish firms: Casa Vigar and Circuit Valencia. And of course, some Italian ones  IMPA, Deltamax Automiozione, Colorificio San Marco, and Rotho Blass. 

More than 60 students from the Trento University, UCH CEU, and three other Russian Universities: Ural State University (Yekwaterimburgo), People Friendship University from Russia (Moscow) and North Caucasus Federal University ( Stavropol) participated.

In this 5th edition of TMC. we have companies from different sectors interested in analyzed markets like Spain, Hungary, USA, Western Africa, Middle East and Italy.

The octubre 4th companies give their briefing to the students and professors organized the teams to work for a complete semestre. The Spanish companies assisted to the presentation at our University and we Skype with the other participating Universities. Nicolas Collado marketing manager of Circuit Valencia gave his briefing and Cruz Jover from Vigar explained students what the firms need in the international area.

We are very grateful to the companies that participate and hope all students learn in a real way.

Trento Marketing Challenge



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