The CEU Team at Pearson Challenge 2018

Hello, I introduce you to the CEU team that is participating in the competition organised by Pearson: The Pearson Challenge 2018.

From left to right:

Eugenio de la Oliva of 5th of Business Management and Marketing, as team assistant

Claudia Pombo of 2nd marketing and advertising

Elena Gutiérrez of 5th of Business Management and Marketing

Marggiori Ariza from 1st Pathway to marketing

David Rodrigo of 2nd marketing and advertising

And Paco Suay as coordinator

In this competition, we work with a marketing simulator, where the teams make decisions about all the relevant aspects of marketing, from the strategy to the marketing mix.

The competition is being developed since last week, it will end this Thursday and for now we are in first position. Every day we must put the focus on a part of the company, starting with the strategy, the KPI’s performance indicators, the segmentation, targeting and positioning down to tactical decisions of the marketing mix.

This year, 8 universities participate at the invitation of Pearson: UCAM, EAE, ESIC, University of the Basque Country, Deusto, IE, University of Zaragoza and UCH CEU.

A lot of encouragement to the CEU team that is doing a great job meeting in the Bloomberg room every afternoon and making the decisions that have made them leaders.

In a few days we will know the final result.

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